With its incessant work in the research and development laboratory, SIA has developed an independent technology.

Due to the highly qualified personnel, and the use of advanced equipment, SIA's laboratory applies technical values required by the highest quality standards. This allows us to identify the best technological solutions and operational procedures to obtain a product that offers maximum electrical performance (electrical capacity, reserve capacity, recognition and conservation charging, cold start currents, durability and water consumption) and mechanics (vibration resistant and electrolyte retention).

Admired in the sector for their choice of experiments, SIA has managed over the years to develop:
- grids merged with radial geometry reticule with Pb/Sb/Se for corrosion resistance, that ensures optimum contact with the active material and increases the starter flows;
- grids expanded by alloy Pb/Ca to reduce the self-discharge and the consumption of water;
- electrode plates with an elevated thickness to increase the electrical capacity and energy supplied;
- active materials with specific composition to withstand cyclic stresses;
- batteries with microporous separators specifically designed to confer resistance to cycles of charging and profound discharging;
- evolution cycles of the electrode plates and battery charge programs to achieve the optimum degree of transformation of the active material.

The research process is an integral part of the quality management system and involves all business functions, from the definition of the basic requirements, the validation of processes for the monitoring and the review of the design, right through to the final stage of the mass production.